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Located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Tumkur is a bustling city that serves as the administrative headquarters of the Tumkur district. The city is surrounded by hills and is situated at an elevation of 835 meters above sea level. Tumkur has a rich history, with evidence of human habitation in the area dating back to the Neolithic Age. Today, Tumkur is known for its thriving industries, including textile, food processing, and engineering. The city also boasts several educational institutions, including universities and colleges, making it an important center for education in the region. Visitors to Tumkur can explore its numerous temples, forts, and natural attractions, such as Devarayanadurga, Namada Chilume, and the Siddaganga Mutt. With its unique blend of history, industry, and natural beauty, Tumkur is a fascinating destination that offers something for everyone.

Tourism in Tumkur:

Tumkur is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka that is slowly but surely gaining popularity as a tourist destination. The city is home to several natural and historical attractions that offer visitors a glimpse into the region's rich culture and heritage. One of the must-visit destinations in Tumkur is Devarayanadurga, a scenic hill station that is perfect for trekking and hiking. Namada Chilume, a natural spring surrounded by lush greenery, is another popular attraction that is believed to have healing powers. The Siddaganga Mutt, a religious institution known for its philanthropic work, attracts visitors from far and wide. Tumkur is also home to several historic forts, such as the Pavagada Fort, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The city's unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage makes it a fascinating destination for tourists looking to explore Karnataka beyond its well-known cities like Bangalore and Mysore.

History of Tumkur:

Tumkur has a rich and fascinating history that spans several centuries. The region has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age, with evidence of human habitation dating back to around 4000 BC. Over the years, Tumkur has been ruled by various dynasties, including the Cholas, Hoysalas, and Vijayanagara Empire. During the British era, Tumkur was an important center for cotton and silk production, and the city's textile industry continues to thrive to this day. In more recent times, Tumkur has become a hub for education, with several universities and colleges located in the city. Today, Tumkur is known for its thriving industries, including textile, food processing, and engineering, and is an important contributor to the economy of Karnataka. Despite its long and storied history, Tumkur remains a vibrant and dynamic city that is constantly evolving and adapting to changing times.

Weather and Temperature:

Tumkur experiences a tropical savanna climate, characterized by hot and dry summers and mild winters. The summer season in Tumkur typically lasts from March to June, with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 37°C. The monsoon season lasts from July to September, and the city receives an average annual rainfall of around 800 mm. The winter season in Tumkur lasts from November to February, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 28°C. Overall, the best time to visit Tumkur is during the winter months, when the weather is mild and pleasant, and the city's numerous outdoor attractions can be enjoyed without the sweltering heat of the summer months.

When to Visit Tumkur:

If you're planning a trip to Tumkur, the best time to visit is during the winter season, which lasts from November to February. During this time, the weather is mild and pleasant, making it the perfect time to explore the city's numerous outdoor attractions. Visitors can enjoy a trek or hike up the hills surrounding Tumkur, or visit natural attractions such as the Namada Chilume spring. The winter season is also a great time to visit Tumkur's historic forts, such as the Pavagada Fort, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The monsoon season, which lasts from July to September, can be a good time to visit as well, as the rains bring the lush greenery around the city to life. However, it's important to keep in mind that the monsoon season can also be unpredictable and may lead to disruptions in travel plans. Overall, with its pleasant weather and numerous attractions, Tumkur is a great destination to visit year-round.

How to Reach Tumkur:

Nestled in the heart of Karnataka, Tumkur is easily accessible by various modes of transport. If you're planning to reach Tumkur by air, the nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, which is about 80 km away. From there, you can either hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Tumkur. If you prefer traveling by train, Tumkur has its own railway station that is well-connected to major cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mysuru. Alternatively, you can also reach Tumkur by bus as the city has a well-developed network of state-run and private buses. Once you reach Tumkur, you can explore the city's many attractions, including the picturesque Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve, the ancient Madhugiri Fort, and the tranquil Siddara Betta. You can also indulge in some delicious local cuisine, which includes specialties like Akki Rotti, Benne Dosa, and Mysore Pak.

Top Places to Visit in Tumkur:

Devarayanadurga: Devarayanadurga is a picturesque hill station located in Tumkur, Karnataka. It is renowned for its ancient temples and breathtaking natural beauty. The hill is home to the famous Lord Narasimha and Lord Yoga Narasimha temples, which are visited by devotees seeking spiritual solace. The climb to the hilltop offers a scenic trekking experience through lush greenery and rocky terrain. Once atop, visitors are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and a serene atmosphere. Devarayanadurga is a popular destination for both religious pilgrims and nature enthusiasts, providing a perfect blend of cultural heritage and natural charm.

Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple: Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple is a sacred place located in Goravanahalli village, Tumkur. This magnificent temple dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi is a significant pilgrimage site. Devotees flock to this temple to seek blessings and experience the divine aura that surrounds it. The temple's intricate architecture and ornate carvings add to its grandeur.

Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve: Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve, also known as Maidenahalli Blackbuck Sanctuary, is a wildlife sanctuary nestled in Tumkur. It serves as a protected area for the conservation of blackbucks, graceful antelopes known for their distinct features. Nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers visit the reserve to catch glimpses of these magnificent creatures roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Markonahalli Dam: Markonahalli Dam, spanning the Shimsha River, is a popular attraction in Tumkur. The dam offers a picturesque setting with serene waters, surrounded by lush greenery. It serves as a delightful spot for picnics, boating, and enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The dam's tranquil ambiance attracts visitors seeking a peaceful getaway amidst nature.

Yedeyur Shri Siddalingeshwara Swamy Temple: Yedeyur Shri Siddalingeshwara Swamy Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Yedeyur village near Tumkur. The temple is known for its architectural brilliance and spiritual significance. Devotees visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and immerse themselves in the divine atmosphere created by centuries-old traditions.

Pavagada Fort: Pavagada Fort is a historical fortress located in Pavagada town, Tumkur. This ancient fort stands as a testament to the region's rich history and architectural heritage. Exploring the fort allows visitors to delve into the past, marvel at its imposing structure, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The fort's historical significance and scenic beauty make it a must-visit destination for history buffs and adventure seekers alike.

Sri Chennakeshava Temple: Sri Chennakeshava Temple is a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Tumkur. This architectural masterpiece is known for its intricate carvings, exquisite sculptures, and impressive craftsmanship. Devotees and art enthusiasts visit the temple to admire its architectural splendour and seek the blessings of Lord Chennakeshava.

Gulur Ganesha Temple: Gulur Ganesha Temple is a renowned temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha situated in Gulur village, Tumkur. The temple is revered for its sacred atmosphere and the idol of Lord Ganesha, attracting devotees from far and wide. The temple's tranquil surroundings and devotional ambience make it an ideal place for spiritual contemplation.

Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple: Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple is a revered temple located in Tumkur. Devoted to the goddess Sharadamba, this temple exudes a sense of serenity and spiritual energy. The temple's architecture, adorned with intricate designs and colourful decorations, adds to its charm. Devotees flock here to seek the blessings of Goddess Kamakshi Sharadamba and find solace in her divine presence.

Kote Anjaneya Swamy Statue: Kote Anjaneya Swamy Statue is a monumental statue of Lord Hanuman situated in Tumkur. This towering statue stands as a symbol of strength, devotion, and protection. Visitors can marvel at the colossal size of the statue and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its creation. The statue is a popular attraction for devotees and tourists alike, offering a sense of awe and reverence.

Namada Chilume: Namada Chilume is a natural spring located in Tumkur with mythological significance. It is believed to be the spot where Lord Rama rested during his exile. The spring holds religious importance and is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene and peaceful environment. Visitors come to witness the sacredness of the place and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Siddara Betta Trek: Siddara Betta Trek is a popular trekking destination in Tumkur. Siddara Betta is a hill range that offers a thrilling trekking experience through rocky terrains and verdant landscapes. The trek leads to a cave temple and a natural spring, adding an element of spirituality and tranquillity to the adventure. Trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers often visit Siddara Betta to explore its scenic trails and connect with nature.

Offbeat Places Near Tumkur:

If you're looking to explore some offbeat destinations in and around Tumkur, there are several hidden gems that are worth a visit.

Madhugiri Fort (Distance: 42 km from Tumkur): Nestled in the town of Madhugiri, around 42 km from Tumkur, is the majestic Madhugiri Fort. This historical fortress stands tall atop a single monolithic rock hill, making it a unique sight to behold. The fort offers a challenging trek to its summit, rewarding adventurers with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The trek involves navigating through steep steps, rocky pathways, and narrow passages, providing a thrilling experience for trekkers. At the summit, visitors can explore the remnants of the fort, including the Gopalakrishna Temple and a series of gateways, while soaking in the breathtaking vistas.

Shivagange (Distance: 54 km from Tumkur): Located approximately 54 km from Tumkur, Shivagange is a sacred hill and pilgrimage site known for its religious significance and natural beauty. The hill is believed to resemble the sacred "Shiva Linga," earning it the name "Shivagange" or "Shiva's Ganga." Visitors can embark on a trek up the hill, passing by numerous temples, including the Patalagange, Olakala Teertha, and Nandi Statue. The summit offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Shivagange is also famous for its natural spring, called "Pathala Gange," where pilgrims take a holy dip. The place is a harmonious blend of spirituality, nature, and adventure.

Devarayanadurga Hills (Distance: 70 km from Tumkur): Situated about 70 km from Tumkur, Devarayanadurga Hills is a serene and picturesque hill range with a rich historical and religious heritage. The hills are home to various temples, including the Bhoganarasimha Temple and the Yoga Narasimha Temple, both dedicated to Lord Narasimha. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant trek amidst lush greenery, leading to the hilltop temples. The panoramic views from the summit are awe-inspiring, offering a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. Devarayanadurga Hills are an ideal destination for a peaceful retreat, religious exploration, and nature enthusiasts.

Siddara Betta (Distance: 85 km from Tumkur): Situated approximately 85 km from Tumkur, Siddara Betta is a rocky hill range known for its unique rock formations, caves, and spiritual significance. The hill is popular among trekkers and nature lovers, offering a moderate trekking trail through scenic landscapes. Atop the hill, visitors can explore the ancient temple cave dedicated to Lord Shiva and witness the natural spring known as "Jalapaatha," which is believed to have healing properties. Siddara Betta provides a serene environment for meditation, with its calm surroundings and a spiritual aura that attracts both devotees and adventure seekers.

Huliyurdurga (Distance: 40 km from Tumkur): Located about 40 km from Tumkur, Huliyurdurga is a hidden gem in the Western Ghats. The hilltop fort of Huliyurdurga is a lesser-known destination, offering a peaceful and offbeat experience. The trek to the fort involves traversing through dense forests and steep ascents, providing a sense of adventure. Once atop, visitors can explore the ancient fort walls, ruined structures, and the temple dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra. The fort rewards visitors with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and the charm of being in a secluded and untouched setting.

Outdoor Adventure Activities in Tumkur:

If you're an adventure seeker looking for some outdoor activities in and around Tumkur, there are several options available to you. One such activity is trekking, with several hills and mountains around the city offering great opportunities for trekking enthusiasts. Devarayanadurga is one such hill station located around 70 km from Tumkur, known for its scenic beauty and challenging trekking trails. The trek to the top of the hill is a bit challenging, but the stunning views from the top make it all worthwhile. Other popular trekking destinations in the area include the Huliyurdurga Hill and the Madhugiri Fort.

Another popular outdoor activity in and around Tumkur is rock climbing, with several locations around the city offering great opportunities for climbers. Savandurga is one such location, located around 60 km from Tumkur, known for its massive monolithic rock formations. The area is popular among rock climbers, with several challenging routes to choose from. Other popular rock climbing destinations in the area include Anthargange and Ramnagara, both located within a few hours' drive from Tumkur. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, there are several options available in and around Tumkur for those looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Cheap Homestays in Tumkur:

For budget-conscious travellers, there are several cheap homestay options available on in and around Tumkur. One such option is the Shanthi Guest House, located in the heart of Tumkur city. The guest house offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices, with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, hot water, and room service. The location of the guest house is also convenient, with several restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Another affordable homestay option in the area is the Sammilan Guest House, located around 40 km from Tumkur in the town of Kunigal. The guest house offers spacious rooms at budget-friendly rates, with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and room service. The location of the guest house is also convenient for those looking to explore the nearby attractions, such as the Kunigal Stud Farm and the Kambadahalli Betta Hill. Whether you're travelling solo or with a group of friends, ClearHolidays has the best homestays options for every type of traveller. With their affordable prices and comfortable accommodations, these homestays are great options for those looking to explore Tumkur and its surrounding areas on a budget.

Tour Packages for Tumkur:

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to explore Tumkur and its surrounding areas, there are several tour packages available on that cater to a variety of interests and budgets. One such package is the Tumkur Heritage Tour, which takes visitors on a journey through the rich history and culture of the city. The tour includes visits to several ancient temples, forts, and other historical landmarks, with a knowledgeable guide providing insights into the significance of each location.

For adventure seekers, there are several adventure tour packages available in and around Tumkur. These packages typically include activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and camping, with experienced guides leading the way. One such package is the Anthargange Adventure Tour, which includes trekking through the rugged terrain of the Anthargange hills, exploring ancient caves, and camping under the stars. Other adventure tour packages in the area include the Savandurga Adventure Tour and the Madhugiri Adventure Tour.

Whether you're interested in history, culture, or outdoor adventure, there are several tour packages available in and around Tumkur that cater to a variety of interests and budgets. With the convenience and expertise of a professional tour operator, these packages offer a great way to experience all that Tumkur has to offer without the hassle of planning and organizing your own itinerary.

In conclusion, Tumkur is a beautiful city in the state of Karnataka that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and cultural heritage. With its stunning hills and mountains, ancient temples and forts, and vibrant local markets, Tumkur has something to offer for every kind of traveller. Whether you're a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply looking to relax and soak in the natural beauty of the region, Tumkur has plenty to offer. With a range of accommodation options, tour packages, and outdoor activities available, Tumkur is a great destination for anyone looking to explore the offbeat corners of India. So why not plan your next vacation to Tumkur and experience the magic of this beautiful city for yourself?

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Top "12" Places to Visit in Tumkur, Karnataka

Discover Best City Sightseeing Places, Offbeat Places, Cheap Homestays and Popular Places to Visit in Tumkur, Karnataka. Tumkur Offers a Plethora of Popular and Famous Tourist Attractions For you to Explore and Capture Memorable Photographs.



Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple

2Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple

Gulur Ganesha Temple

3Gulur Ganesha Temple

Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve

4Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve

Kote Anjaneya Swamy Statue

5Kote Anjaneya Swamy Statue

Markonahalli Dam

6Markonahalli Dam

Namada Chilume

7Namada Chilume

Pavagada Fort

8Pavagada Fort

Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple

9Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple

Siddara Betta Trek

10Siddara Betta Trek

Sri Chennakeshava Temple

11Sri Chennakeshava Temple

Yedeyur Shri Siddalingeshwara Swamy Temple

12Yedeyur Shri Siddalingeshwara Swamy Temple

Things To Do in Tumkur, Karnataka

If You're Seeking Outdoor Thrills in Tumkur, Look no Further! Tumkur is a Hub For Adventure-Seeking Travellers, With a Vast Selection of Exciting Adventures to Choose From. Whether You Enjoy Boating, Burma Bridge, Cycling, Jeep Safaris, or Zip-lining, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Trekking Karnataka has Something to Offer Everyone.

Best time to visit Tumkur

Tumkur Offers Pleasant Weather Conditions and Temperatures During The Months of JAN, FEB, MAR, NOV, DEC. As a Traveller You Can Consider These Months as The Best Time to Visit Tumkur to Enjoy Some of The Breathtaking Outdoor Activities and Adventure Sports like Cycling, Rock Climbing, Trekking . Come and enjoy perfect Tumkur outdoor activities in Karnataka.


How to reach Tumkur

By Air: Tumkur does not have its own airport, but the nearest airport is the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, which is approximately 80 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Tumkur. The journey takes around 2 hours, depending on the traffic conditions.

By Road: Tumkur is well-connected to major cities and towns in Karnataka through a network of well-maintained roads. It is situated on National Highway 48, which makes it easily accessible by road. You can drive to Tumkur from Bengaluru, Mysore, and other nearby cities. Regular bus services also operate between Tumkur and major cities, offering a convenient and affordable mode of transportation.

By Rail: Tumkur has its own railway station, which is well-connected to various cities across India. Trains from Bengaluru, Mysore, Chennai, and other major cities in South India ply to Tumkur regularly. The railway station is located in the heart of the city, making it convenient for travelers to reach their desired destinations within Tumkur.

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