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Nestled in the enchanting Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Sirsi is a hidden gem that beckons travellers with its captivating beauty and cultural richness. Situated approximately 400 kilometres from Bangalore, this picturesque town offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life. Sirsi is renowned for its ancient temples, including the revered Marikamba Temple and Sahasralinga, which boasts thousands of intricately carved lingams on the riverbed. The town is also blessed with natural splendour, surrounded by lush green forests, majestic waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes. From the majestic Jog Falls to the serene Yana Rocks, Sirsi provides a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, witness traditional art forms like Yakshagana and Hulivesha, and savour the delectable local cuisine. With its unique blend of spirituality, natural wonders, and cultural heritage, Sirsi has gained popularity as a must-visit destination in Karnataka.

Located in the heart of the Uttara Kannada district, Sirsi is a captivating town that offers a delightful journey into the soul of Karnataka. Situated approximately 57 kilometres from the coastal town of Kumta, Sirsi is easily accessible by road. As you step into Sirsi, you'll be welcomed by its charming streets adorned with traditional houses featuring intricate wooden carvings. The town's bustling markets are a treasure trove of local produce, spices, and handicrafts, providing a glimpse into the vibrant local life. Embark on a city tour to explore the town's historical and cultural landmarks, including the impressive Marikamba Temple and the Sahasralinga on the Shalmala River. Sirsi's rich heritage is further enhanced by its traditional art forms, captivating dance performances, and soul-stirring music. The warm hospitality of the locals adds a special touch to your visit, making it an unforgettable experience. Sirsi truly embodies the essence of Karnataka's beauty, traditions, and warm-hearted people, making it a destination that deserves a spot on every traveller's list.

Tourism in Sirsi:

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of the Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, Sirsi is a hidden gem that promises a captivating journey for travellers. Tourism in Sirsi unveils a world of natural splendour and cultural riches. The town is adorned with ancient temples that exude architectural grandeur and spiritual serenity. The Marikamba Temple, dedicated to the goddess Marikamba, stands as a testimony to the town's religious significance. Another remarkable attraction is the Sahasralinga, a unique site where countless lingams are intricately carved on the riverbed, offering a mesmerizing sight. Sirsi's natural beauty is equally captivating, with lush green forests, gushing waterfalls like the enchanting Jog Falls, and scenic treks through the Western Ghats. The town's vibrant culture comes alive through traditional art forms like Yakshagana, a classical dance-drama, and Hulivesha, a tiger dance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. Sirsi's charm lies not only in its architectural and natural splendours but also in the warm hospitality of its people, making it an ideal destination for a truly enriching and immersive travel experience.

Culture of Sirsi:

Steeped in a tapestry of vibrant traditions and captivating folklore, the culture of Sirsi unveils a world of enchantment and rich heritage. This charming town in Karnataka embraces its cultural roots with utmost pride and offers travellers a glimpse into its captivating tapestry. Sirsi's streets come alive with the rhythmic beats of traditional dances like Yakshagana, where elaborately adorned artists depict mythical tales through graceful movements and vivid expressions. The air is filled with the infectious energy of Hulivesha, as performers dressed as tigers dance and prance, showcasing their agility and skill. The temples of Sirsi stand as architectural marvels and cultural landmarks, where timeless rituals and festivities celebrate the town's deep spiritual connections. Wander through the bustling markets to witness skilled artisans creating intricate handicrafts, or savour the flavours of local delicacies that tantalize the taste buds with their authentic blend of spices. Sirsi's cultural heritage is an invitation to explore and celebrate the rich traditions that have shaped this town, creating a tapestry of wonder that leaves an indelible mark on every traveller's heart.

History of Sirsi:

The history of Sirsi is a captivating tale that weaves together centuries of cultural heritage and historical significance. This picturesque town in Karnataka holds a glorious past that is etched in its architectural marvels and echoes through its vibrant traditions. Sirsi's history can be traced back to ancient times, with influences from dynasties like the Kadambas, Chalukyas, and Vijayanagara Empire. The town flourished as a center of trade and cultural exchange, attracting merchants and artists from different regions. As you wander through the streets of Sirsi, you'll encounter remnants of its illustrious past in the form of ancient temples adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, such as the renowned Marikamba Temple and Sahasralinga. These architectural wonders stand as testaments to the craftsmanship and religious fervour of the bygone eras. Exploring the town's cultural fabric, you'll witness the preservation of age-old traditions, vibrant festivals, and art forms like Yakshagana and Hulivesha that have been passed down through generations. Sirsi's history unfolds like a captivating narrative, inviting travellers to delve into its storied past and discover the rich tapestry of heritage that continues to thrive in this remarkable town.

Weather and Temperature in Sirsi:

Sirsi enjoys a delightful climate that invites travellers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature throughout the year. Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of the Western Ghats, this enchanting town experiences a soothing and temperate weather. The summer season, from March to May, graces Sirsi with mild temperatures ranging from 23°C to 33°C (73°F to 91°F), offering a pleasant respite from the scorching heat of the plains. The monsoon season, extending from June to September, paints the town in vibrant hues as refreshing rains embrace the region, rejuvenating the surroundings with lush greenery. This period showcases the true magnificence of Sirsi's waterfalls, with the cascading waters flowing in their full glory. Winters, from November to February, bring a gentle chill to the air, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 26°C (61°F to 79°F), creating a serene atmosphere for exploring the natural wonders of the area. Whether you visit during the vivid monsoons, the mild summers, or the serene winters, Sirsi's weather and temperature provide an idyllic setting for a memorable and revitalizing travel experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Western Ghats.

When to Visit Sirsi:

Sirsi offers a delightful escape throughout the year, with each season presenting its own allure. The best time to visit Sirsi, however, is during the months of October to February, when the weather is mild and pleasant. The winter season, from November to February, brings cool temperatures ranging from 16°C to 26°C (61°F to 79°F), creating an ideal climate for exploring the town's enchanting landscapes and embarking on adventurous treks. The skies are clear, allowing for breathtaking views of the Western Ghats and its lush greenery. This time of year is perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers who wish to capture the beauty of Sirsi in all its glory. The monsoon season, from June to September, is another remarkable time to visit, as the region transforms into a lush paradise with abundant rainfall. The waterfalls come alive, and the surrounding forests are rejuvenated, showcasing nature's vibrant palette. However, it's important to note that heavy rainfall may restrict outdoor activities during this time. The summer months, from March to May, bring slightly warmer temperatures ranging from 23°C to 33°C (73°F to 91°F), making it a suitable time for a more relaxed visit and exploration of the town's cultural heritage. Regardless of the season, Sirsi's natural beauty and cultural richness make it a destination worth exploring throughout the year.

How to Reach Sirsi:

Reaching the picturesque town of Sirsi is a seamless experience, thanks to its well-connected transport options. For those opting to travel by road, National Highway 63 provides easy access to Sirsi from major cities like Bengaluru, Hubli, and Mangalore. The scenic route through the Western Ghats offers breathtaking views, making it an excellent choice for road trips. Alternatively, Sirsi is also well-served by a robust bus network, offering regular services from nearby cities and towns, ensuring convenient access for travellers.

When it comes to choosing the best mode of transport based on weather conditions, it is essential to consider the unique aspects of each season. During the winter months, characterized by mild and pleasant weather, road travel is a favoured option. The cool temperatures and clear skies create an ideal setting for leisurely drives, allowing travellers to soak in the beauty of the Western Ghats. However, during the monsoon season, when heavy rainfall can pose challenges on the road, rail travel emerges as a preferred choice. The well-established railway network ensures a safer and more comfortable journey, presenting an opportunity to witness the stunning landscapes of the Konkan region. Ultimately, the mode of transport chosen should be tailored to the prevailing weather conditions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey to the captivating town of Sirsi.

Top Places to Visit in Sirsi:

Shri Marikamba Temple: Situated in Sirsi, the Shri Marikamba Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Marikamba, believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The temple's architectural grandeur and serene atmosphere attract devotees from far and wide who come to seek blessings and immerse themselves in spiritual rituals and festivities.

Madhukeshwara Temple: Located in Banavasi, approximately 22 kilometres from Sirsi, the Madhukeshwara Temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. With its intricate carvings, towering gopuram (tower), and tranquil surroundings, the temple stands as a testament to the rich architectural heritage of the region. Devotees visit to seek blessings, participate in religious ceremonies, and soak in the divine ambiance.

Sahasralinga: Situated near the village of Sirsi, Sahasralinga is a unique and awe-inspiring site where thousands of Shiva Lingas are carved on the rocks along the Shalmala River. This sacred place holds immense significance for devotees and offers a tranquil setting for meditation and introspection amidst the serene natural surroundings.

Unchalli Waterfalls: Nestled in the dense forests of the Western Ghats, Unchalli Waterfalls, also known as Lushington Falls, is a breathtaking cascade that plummets from a height of about 380 feet. The sheer force of the water and the lush greenery surrounding the falls create a picturesque setting that enthralls visitors. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers, who can enjoy the mesmerizing views and capture the beauty of the cascading waters.

Sri Manjuguni Venkataramana Temple: Situated in Sonda, around 22 kilometres from Sirsi, the Sri Manjuguni Venkataramana Temple is a popular pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Venkataramana. The temple's architectural splendour, intricate carvings, and tranquil ambiance make it a significant religious destination. Devotees flock to the temple to offer prayers, participate in religious rituals, and experience the spiritual aura that pervades the premises.

Benne Hole Falls: Located near the village of Kasage, Benne Hole Falls is a hidden gem amidst the lush green forests of Sirsi. The waterfall cascades down in multiple tiers, surrounded by verdant vegetation, creating a serene and picturesque setting. The name "Benne Hole" translates to "Butter Stream," and the falls are named so due to the resemblance of the water flowing over the rocks to the smooth texture of butter.

Shivaganga Falls: Situated near the village of Kans, Shivaganga Falls is a captivating waterfall surrounded by the serene ambiance of nature. The falls, formed by the Sonda River, cascade down from a height, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. With its picturesque setting and the refreshing sound of cascading water, Shivaganga Falls is a popular spot for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil retreat.

Burude Falls: Located near Siddapur, Burude Falls is a picturesque waterfall nestled in the dense forests of the Western Ghats. With its gushing waters cascading down the rocky terrain, the falls create a serene and captivating atmosphere, offering a refreshing escape for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary: Situated near the Gudavi village, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. Spread over an area of around 0.74 square kilometres, the sanctuary is home to a wide variety of migratory and resident birds. Visitors can spot species like painted storks, white ibis, cormorants, and many more, making it a delightful destination for birdwatching and wildlife photography.

Gudnapura Lake: Located on the outskirts of Sirsi, Gudnapura Lake is a serene and scenic water body surrounded by lush greenery. The lake offers a tranquil ambiance where visitors can indulge in boating, relax by the lakeside, or simply soak in the natural beauty. The peaceful surroundings and the gentle breeze make it an ideal spot for a leisurely picnic or a quiet escape.

Vibhooti Falls: Situated near Yellapur, Vibhooti Falls is a hidden gem nestled amidst the dense forests of the Western Ghats. The waterfall derives its name from the white ash-like formations that resemble vibhooti, a sacred ash used in Hindu rituals. With its cascading waters and pristine surroundings, Vibhooti Falls is a serene and scenic spot that offers a refreshing retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Shri Kaalika Bhavani Devasthana: Located in Sirsi, the Shri Kaalika Bhavani Devasthana is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kaalika Bhavani. The temple is known for its elaborate architectural details and intricate carvings, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. Devotees flock to this temple to seek blessings, participate in religious ceremonies, and experience the spiritual ambiance.

St. Anthony's Church: Situated in Sirsi, St. Anthony's Church is a prominent Christian place of worship that holds historical and religious significance. The church's elegant architecture, stained glass windows, and peaceful ambiance make it a serene and sacred space for prayer and reflection. The annual feast of St. Anthony attracts a large number of devotees and visitors from various communities.

Offbeat Places Near Sirsi:

Kavala Caves: Located approximately 28 kilometres from Sirsi, Kavala Caves is an offbeat gem hidden amidst the lush green forests of the Western Ghats. These ancient limestone caves offer a unique adventure for explorers. Visitors can navigate through narrow passages and marvel at the stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations. The serene atmosphere and the whispers of history make Kavala Caves a must-visit destination for those seeking an offbeat and immersive experience.

Sathodi Falls: Situated around 56 kilometres from Sirsi, Sathodi Falls is a hidden paradise nestled in the heart of the Uttara Kannada district. With its pristine beauty and secluded location, this waterfall remains relatively untouched by crowds. Sathodi Falls is formed by the union of several streams, creating a picturesque cascade that flows into a serene pool below. Surrounded by dense forests, it offers a tranquil setting for nature lovers and photographers to capture stunning moments of serenity.

Yana Rocks: Located approximately 53 kilometres from Sirsi, Yana Rocks is a unique geological formation nestled in the Sahyadri Range. These massive rock formations, composed of black crystalline limestone, stand tall amidst a lush green landscape, creating a surreal sight. Yana is renowned for its two prominent rock formations named Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikhara. The trek to Yana takes you through scenic trails, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. This offbeat destination provides a perfect blend of adventure, spirituality, and natural beauty.

Maravanthe Beach: Situated around 90 kilometres from Sirsi, Maravanthe Beach is a stunning coastal stretch that is often referred to as one of Karnataka's most beautiful beaches. What makes it truly unique is its location between the Arabian Sea and the Souparnika River, creating a breathtaking sight. The combination of golden sand, clear blue waters, and the backdrop of the Western Ghats makes Maravanthe Beach a picturesque paradise. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the shore, indulge in water sports, or simply bask in the serenity of the surroundings.

Kodasalli Dam: Located approximately 64 kilometres from Sirsi, Kodasalli Dam is a hidden gem in the Uttara Kannada district. Surrounded by dense forests and hills, this offbeat destination offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature's splendour. The dam, built on the Kali River, not only provides hydroelectric power but also creates a serene reservoir with scenic views. Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the calm waters, soak in the tranquillity, and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

These offbeat destinations near Sirsi offer a unique and enriching experience for travellers seeking to explore the lesser-known gems of the region. From ancient caves and majestic waterfalls to surreal rock formations and tranquil beaches, these places provide a refreshing break from the usual tourist trails and allow visitors to connect with nature's wonders.

Outdoor Adventure Activities in Sirsi:

Trekking and Waterfalls Exploration: Sirsi is a haven for trekking enthusiasts, offering a plethora of trails that wind through the breathtaking landscapes of the Western Ghats. Treks like Devimane Ghats, Vibhooti Falls, and Yana Rocks provide thrilling experiences, taking you through dense forests, gushing streams, and rocky terrains. As you hike along these trails, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views, encounters with exotic flora and fauna, and the chance to discover hidden waterfalls tucked away in the wilderness. Exploring these cascades, such as Unchalli Falls and Benne Hole Falls, adds an extra layer of adventure to your trekking experience.

River Kayaking and Coracle Rides: The Kali River that flows through Sirsi presents exciting opportunities for water-based adventures. Kayaking along the river offers a thrilling experience as you navigate through the exhilarating rapids, with the stunning natural surroundings adding to the excitement. For a more traditional experience, opt for a coracle ride, a circular-shaped traditional boat that glides gently along the river's tranquil stretches. The soothing rhythm of the water and the panoramic views of the lush greenery make coracle rides a serene and enjoyable adventure in Sirsi.

These outdoor adventure activities in Sirsi provide an opportunity to explore the region's natural wonders while engaging in thrilling experiences. Whether you choose to embark on treks that lead to stunning waterfalls, test your skills with river kayaking, or enjoy the tranquillity of coracle rides, Sirsi offers a range of outdoor adventures to suit various interests and adrenaline levels. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of nature and create unforgettable memories as you embark on these exhilarating escapades in Sirsi.

Cheap Homestays in Sirsi:

Homestay Option 1: "Evergreen Homestay" - Located in the heart of Sirsi, Evergreen Homestay offers budget-friendly accommodation with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The homestay features cozy rooms equipped with essential amenities for a comfortable stay. The friendly hosts provide personalized attention and are ready to assist guests with local information and recommendations. The homestay's central location allows easy access to Sirsi's attractions, markets, and eateries, making it a convenient choice for budget travellers. With its affordable rates and homely ambiance, Evergreen Homestay provides a delightful experience for those seeking a cozy and economical stay in Sirsi.

Homestay Option 2: "Serene Valley Retreat" - Situated in the outskirts of Sirsi, Serene Valley Retreat offers an affordable escape amidst nature's tranquillity. The homestay boasts comfortable rooms and cottages nestled amidst lush greenery, providing a serene and peaceful environment. Guests can enjoy the warm hospitality of the hosts and indulge in delicious home-cooked meals featuring local flavours. The homestay also organizes activities like nature walks, birdwatching, and bonfires, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. With its pocket-friendly rates and serene setting, Serene Valley Retreat is an ideal choice for those seeking a budget-friendly homestay experience near Sirsi.

Why to Choose Homestays in Sirsi?

Affordable Homestays: Choosing budget-friendly homestays provides travellers with the opportunity to experience the true essence of Sirsi while keeping their wallets happy. These pocket-friendly accommodations offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and hospitality. By opting for cheap homestays, travellers can stretch their budget and allocate more resources towards exploring the hidden gems of Sirsi, indulging in local delicacies, or partaking in thrilling outdoor adventures. Moreover, these homestays often provide a cozy and personalized experience, with friendly hosts who are eager to share their knowledge of the area and provide valuable insights into the region's traditions, festivals, and lesser-known attractions.

Benefits of Staying in Sirsi: Sirsi, nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of the Western Ghats, offers a myriad of benefits for travellers seeking a unique and enriching experience. By staying in Sirsi, visitors are treated to a symphony of natural wonders, including majestic waterfalls, dense forests teeming with wildlife, and breathtaking vistas at every turn. The town's rich cultural heritage shines through its ancient temples, where devotees and curious travellers can witness captivating rituals and participate in vibrant festivals. Sirsi's strategic location also makes it an excellent base for exploring the surrounding areas, such as the stunning beaches of Gokarna, the scenic Jog Falls, and the wildlife sanctuaries that offer glimpses of exotic flora and fauna. By immersing themselves in Sirsi's natural beauty and cultural tapestry, travellers gain a deeper appreciation for the region and forge lasting memories that will stay with them long after their visit.

By opting for affordable homestays, travellers can make the most of their budget while experiencing the warm hospitality of Sirsi. Additionally, staying in Sirsi offers the advantages of being surrounded by awe-inspiring natural landscapes, engaging in cultural experiences, and being within easy reach of nearby attractions. These factors make Sirsi a compelling destination for those seeking an authentic and cost-effective travel experience.

Tour Packages for Sirsi:

When it comes to exploring Sirsi, tourists have a variety of tour package options to choose from, each offering a distinct experience. Nature enthusiasts can embark on eco-tours that take them deep into the Western Ghats, home to pristine forests, exotic flora, and magnificent waterfalls. These packages provide guided hikes through lush trails, allowing visitors to witness the untouched beauty of cascading water at Unchalli Falls, the ethereal vibes of Sahasralinga, and the enchanting vibes of Benne Hole Falls. For those seeking a spiritual journey, cultural tour packages offer a chance to delve into the rich religious heritage of Sirsi. travellers can visit revered temples like the Shri Marikamba Temple and Sri Manjuguni Venkataramana Temple, immersing themselves in the ancient rituals, intricate architecture, and serene ambiance.

Tourists often opt for these tour packages in Sirsi due to the convenience and peace of mind they offer. With all the logistics taken care of, including transportation, accommodation, and expert guides, visitors can simply relax and enjoy their exploration of Sirsi without the hassle of planning each aspect individually. Moreover, these packages provide curated itineraries, ensuring that tourists can make the most of their time by covering the must-visit attractions and experiences in the region. The presence of knowledgeable guides adds value to the tours, as they share insightful information about the history, culture, and significance of the places visited, making the journey more engaging and immersive.

Furthermore, tour packages in Sirsi provide a comprehensive experience, catering to the diverse interests of travellers. They offer a balance between natural wonders, cultural heritage, and local experiences, allowing visitors to create lasting memories. By opting for these packages, tourists can maximize their time, gain deeper insights into the destination, and enjoy a hassle-free journey that combines adventure, spirituality, and cultural immersion.


In the heart of the Western Ghats lies Sirsi, a destination that encapsulates the essence of natural beauty and cultural heritage. With its cascading waterfalls, verdant forests, and sacred temples, Sirsi offers a captivating tapestry of experiences for travellers seeking an offbeat and enriching journey. The town's untouched landscapes and serene ambiance provide a respite from the bustling city life, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate their spirits. Whether it's the exhilarating trek to Shivaganga Falls, the tranquil boat ride on Gudnapura Lake, or the mesmerizing artistry at Sri Manjuguni Venkataramana Temple, Sirsi presents an array of moments that awaken the senses and create lasting memories.

What sets Sirsi apart is not just its picturesque vistas, but also the warmth and authenticity of its people. The locals take pride in sharing their cultural heritage, inviting visitors to partake in their customs, festivals, and traditional rituals. The town's homestays provide an immersive experience, offering a glimpse into the everyday life of the locals and the opportunity to savour delicious homemade cuisine. The availability of various tour packages further enhances the exploration of Sirsi, ensuring that travellers can delve into the diverse facets of the region, guided by knowledgeable experts who unlock the hidden treasures and stories of the land.

In essence, Sirsi beckons travellers to embark on a transformative journey, where they can lose themselves in the captivating beauty of nature, immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of culture, and forge unforgettable connections with the local community. It is a destination that leaves an indelible mark on the soul, where moments of tranquillity, adventure, and cultural immersion intertwine to create a truly unique travel experience.

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Explore "13" Top Places to Visit In Sirsi, Karnataka

Here's The List of Most Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Sirsi. Come and Explore These Beautiful Tourist Attractions, Famous Tourist Spots, Best Places to Visit, & Offbeat Travel Destinations in Sirsi.

Benne Hole Falls

1Benne Hole Falls

Burude Falls

2Burude Falls

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

3Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

Gudnapura Lake

4Gudnapura Lake

Madhukeshwara Temple

5Madhukeshwara Temple



Shivaganga Falls

7Shivaganga Falls

Shri Kaalika Bhavani Devasthana

8Shri Kaalika Bhavani Devasthana

Shri Marikamba Temple

9Shri Marikamba Temple

Sri Manjuguni Venkataramana Temple

10Sri Manjuguni Venkataramana Temple

St. Anthony's Church

11St. Anthony's Church

Unchalli Waterfalls

12Unchalli Waterfalls

Vibhooti Falls

13Vibhooti Falls

Things To Do in Sirsi, Karnataka

Here is The List of Top Outdoor & Adventurous Activities Which You Can Enjoy in Sirsi. Top Outdoor Activities in Sirsi are Camping, River Rafting, Trekking, etc.

Best time to visit Sirsi

JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC is The Best Time to Visit Sirsi When The Daytime Temperatures are Pleasant to Carry Out Outdoor Adventurous Activities in Sirsi. Sirsi Remains a Perfect Travel Destination in Summers and Winters Both. Come and Enjoy Outdoor Adventures in Sirsi like Camping, River Rafting, Trekking, etc.


How to reach Sirsi

By Air: The nearest airport to Sirsi is the Hubli Airport, located approximately 105 kilometres away. From Hubli, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Sirsi. The journey by road takes around 3-4 hours, offering scenic views of the Western Ghats along the way.

By Road: Sirsi is well-connected by road, and there are regular bus services from major cities in Karnataka, including Bangalore, Mangalore, and Hubli. The town is situated on National Highway 63, making it easily accessible by private vehicles or hired taxis. The road journey to Sirsi showcases the beauty of the countryside and the lush green landscapes of the region.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Sirsi is at Kumta, located around 57 kilometres away. Kumta is well-connected to major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, and Goa. From Kumta, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach Sirsi. The scenic drive from Kumta to Sirsi passes through picturesque villages and offers glimpses of the Western Ghats.

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