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GWALDAM LAKE Tourist Spot in
GWALDAM, Uttarakhand


Gwaldam Lake, nestled in the picturesque town of Gwaldam in Chamoli district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is a captivating gem that beckons visitors with its tranquil allure. Perched at an altitude of around 1,700 meters, this natural lake provides a peaceful respite from the hectic pace of urban life. The pristine waters of Gwaldam Lake are renowned for their crystal-clear reflection of the surrounding snow-capped peaks, creating a surreal ambiance that mesmerizes every visitor. Merely 3 kilometers from the town center, Gwaldam Lake is easily accessible, drawing both tourists and locals to its beauty. Encircled by verdant greenery and dense forests, the lake exudes natural charm. It's a haven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers, often offering sightings of colorful birds and wildlife. The tranquil atmosphere and awe-inspiring vistas make Gwaldam Lake an ideal location for picnics, leisurely strolls, and meditation amidst nature's serenity.

A tour of Gwaldam Lake is a chance to immerse oneself in the scenic splendor and tranquility of this enchanting destination. Visitors can partake in boating activities on the calm waters, immersing themselves in the panoramic views of the snow-covered peaks mirrored on the lake's surface. The surrounding area provides ample photography opportunities, capturing the enchanting landscapes and the interplay of light and shadow on the water. Whether seeking solitude, natural beauty, or a peaceful escape, a visit to Gwaldam Lake promises a rejuvenating experience that will etch a lasting memory in your heart.

Tourism at Gwaldam Lake:

Gwaldam Lake Tourism in Gwaldam offers an enchanting and tranquil escape amidst Uttarakhand's mesmerizing landscapes. Nestled in the heart of the Chamoli district, this pristine lake sits at an altitude of approximately 1,700 meters, captivating visitors with its serene beauty. The waters of Gwaldam Lake are so clear that they beautifully mirror the majestic snow-capped peaks, presenting a breathtaking reflection that truly delights the eyes. Encircled by lush greenery and dense forests, the lake becomes a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and avid photographers, enhancing its natural allure. Whether you choose to embark on a boat ride, leisurely stroll along the lake, or simply immerse yourself in the surrounding serenity, Gwaldam Lake guarantees an unforgettable journey into nature's embrace, leaving you with cherished memories that will resonate for a lifetime.

Located within the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Gwaldam tourism, which encompasses the charming Gwaldam Lake, provides a serene and captivating experience amidst the picturesque landscapes. Situated at an altitude of around 1,700 meters, this pristine lake allures visitors with its tranquil beauty. The remarkable clarity of the waters allows for a stunning reflection of the majestic snow-capped peaks, a spectacle that never fails to awe. Surrounded by lush greenery and dense forests, the lake stands as a haven for nature enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike. Whether you opt for a boat ride, a leisurely walk by the lake, or a moment of quiet immersion in the peaceful surroundings, Gwaldam Lake ensures an unforgettable journey into nature's embrace, leaving behind cherished memories etched in your heart forever.

History of Gwaldam Lake:

Steeped in history, Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam carries tales of the past that add to its allure. This natural lake, nestled in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, has been a witness to the passage of time and the changing landscapes. With origins dating back centuries, Gwaldam Lake holds a significant place in the local folklore and cultural heritage. It is believed that the lake was formed by the divine powers of the region, as it sits amidst the breathtaking Himalayan peaks. The local communities regard Gwaldam Lake as sacred, attributing spiritual significance to its serene waters. As you explore this tranquil lake, you can't help but feel a connection to the rich history and mystical legends that surround it, adding a sense of wonder to your visit.

Weather and Temperature at Gwaldam Lake:

Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year, making it an inviting destination for travellers seeking respite from the scorching heat or the chilly winters. The lake experiences a temperate climate, with cool summers and cold winters. During the summer months, from April to June, the temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), offering a refreshing escape from the sweltering plains. It is an ideal time to indulge in boating on the serene waters of Gwaldam Lake and bask in the pleasant sunshine. The monsoon season, from July to September, brings moderate rainfall, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding landscapes with lush greenery. The temperature during this time hovers around 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F). Winter, from October to March, brings chilly temperatures, with the mercury dropping to as low as 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F). The lake's surroundings are blanketed in snow during this time, creating a picturesque winter wonderland. Whether you prefer the warmth of summer, the magical monsoons, or the snowy charm of winter, Gwaldam Lake offers a delightful experience in every season.

When to Visit Gwaldam Lake:

Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam is a year-round destination, each season offering its own charm and unique experiences. The best time to visit Gwaldam Lake is during the summer months, from April to June, when the weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). This period is perfect for enjoying boat rides on the serene lake and exploring the surrounding landscapes. The monsoon season, from July to September, brings lush greenery and moderate rainfall, adding a touch of magic to the region. However, it is advisable to check weather conditions and road accessibility during this time, as heavy rainfall can sometimes lead to landslides. Winter, from October to March, brings chilly temperatures, with the mercury dropping to as low as 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F). This season offers a unique experience, as the lake and its surroundings transform into a snowy wonderland. Whether you prefer the mild summers, the refreshing monsoons, or the snowy winters, Gwaldam Lake is a captivating destination that can be visited throughout the year, each season offering its own enchantment.

How to Reach Gwaldam Lake:

To reach Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam, there are multiple transportation options available. The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, located approximately 210 kilometres away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a shared cab to Gwaldam. If you prefer traveling by train, Kathgodam Railway Station is the closest railhead, situated around 200 kilometres from Gwaldam. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the lake. Gwaldam is well-connected by road, and buses and taxis are readily available from nearby cities like Delhi, Dehradun, and Rishikesh. The town is easily accessible via the well-maintained Gwaldam-Bageshwar Road, offering scenic views of the surrounding landscapes. Once you reach Gwaldam, Gwaldam Lake is located just a short distance from the town center, and you can easily walk or hire a local taxi to reach the lake.

The choice of transportation depends on the weather conditions. During the summer and monsoon seasons, when the weather is pleasant and road conditions are favourable, traveling by road is a convenient option. Buses, taxis, and private vehicles can navigate the well-paved roads leading to Gwaldam. However, during the winter months, when snowfall and icy conditions can make the roads challenging, it is advisable to opt for private taxis or four-wheel-drive vehicles that are better equipped to handle the winter terrain. Additionally, flights to Pantnagar Airport and train journeys to Kathgodam Railway Station are usually unaffected by weather conditions, making them reliable options throughout the year. It's important to check the weather forecast and road conditions before traveling and make the appropriate arrangements to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Gwaldam Lake.

Top Places to Visit Near Gwaldam Lake:

Macchi Tal (2 km from Gwaldam Lake): Nestled just 2 kilometres away from Gwaldam Lake, Macchi Tal is a serene and picturesque lake that beckons nature lovers. The name "Macchi Tal" translates to "Fish Lake," and it is believed to be home to a variety of fish species. Surrounded by lush greenery and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, Macchi Tal is an ideal spot for picnics, leisurely walks, and birdwatching. As you explore the area, keep an eye out for vibrant bird species that frequent the lake's surroundings. The close proximity of Macchi Tal to Gwaldam Lake makes it a convenient and delightful addition to your itinerary.

Badhangarhi Temple (3 km from Gwaldam Lake): Located a mere 3 kilometres from Gwaldam Lake, Badhangarhi Temple is a revered religious site perched atop a hill. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Badrinath and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The temple's serene ambiance and intricate architecture draw devotees and visitors seeking solace and spiritual connection. Pay homage to Lord Badrinath and soak in the tranquil atmosphere as you admire the majestic vistas. The short distance between Gwaldam Lake and Badhangarhi Temple makes it a convenient destination for those interested in exploring the region's cultural and spiritual heritage.

Angora Farm (4 km from Gwaldam Lake): Situated just 4 kilometres away from Gwaldam Lake, Angora Farm is a unique and charming attraction. Known for its Angora rabbit breeding center, the farm offers visitors an opportunity to interact with these adorable creatures and learn about the intricacies of Angora wool production. You can witness the rabbits being groomed and sheared, and even purchase Angora wool products as souvenirs. The scenic beauty of the farm, surrounded by lush forests and snow-capped peaks, adds to the allure of the experience. The short distance between Gwaldam Lake and Angora Farm makes it a convenient and delightful visit for animal lovers and those interested in sustainable farming practices.

Offbeat Places Near Gwaldam Lake:

Chaukori (52 km from Gwaldam Lake): Tucked away in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Chaukori is a picturesque hill station located approximately 52 kilometres from Gwaldam Lake. Known for its panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Devi and Panchachuli, Chaukori offers a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life. The untouched beauty of this offbeat destination, with its tea gardens, orchards, and charming villages, is a delight for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance, take leisurely walks amidst the scenic landscapes, and witness mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. Chaukori promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking serenity and natural beauty.

Baijnath Temple (35 km from Gwaldam Lake): Located approximately 35 kilometres from Gwaldam Lake, Baijnath is a small historical town in Bageshwar famous for its ancient temples. The centerpiece of the town is the Baijnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and considered to be one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. The intricately carved stone temple is a testament to the rich architectural heritage of the region. Explore the temple complex, which also houses several smaller shrines and a serene courtyard. The town itself offers a glimpse into rural life, with its narrow lanes, traditional houses, and a vibrant local market. Baijnath provides a unique blend of spirituality, history, and cultural immersion for those who venture beyond Gwaldam Lake.

Karmi (18 km from Gwaldam Lake): Situated just 18 kilometres from Gwaldam Lake, Karmi is a quaint and lesser-known village nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills of Bageshwar. This offbeat destination offers a perfect escape for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Embark on scenic hikes or nature walks, exploring the picturesque landscapes and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Karmi is known for its apple orchards, and during the apple season, you can indulge in plucking and tasting the juicy fruit straight from the trees. Experience the warm hospitality of the local community, savour local delicacies, and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this hidden gem near Gwaldam Lake.

Gwaldam Naag Mandir (1.5 km from Gwaldam Lake): Located a mere 1.5 kilometres from Gwaldam Lake, Gwaldam Naag Mandir is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Naag (snake). This ancient temple holds immense significance for the locals and is surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic views of the Himalayas. The temple is known for its traditional architecture and peaceful ambiance. Pay a visit to this sacred site, offering your prayers and soaking in the spiritual atmosphere. The close proximity of Gwaldam Naag Mandir to Gwaldam Lake makes it a convenient and meaningful addition to your itinerary.

Angyari Mahadev Temple (3 km from Gwaldam Lake): Situated just 3 kilometres away from Gwaldam Lake, Angyari Mahadev Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tucked amidst picturesque surroundings, the temple is known for its peaceful ambiance and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The journey to the temple involves a short trek through scenic trails, adding an adventurous touch to the spiritual experience. As you reach the temple, you can offer prayers and witness the devotees' devotion. The serene and offbeat setting of Angyari Mahadev Temple makes it a perfect place for meditation and introspection. The temple holds immense religious significance for the locals, who believe that offering prayers here brings blessings and fulfillment of wishes. The tranquil atmosphere, combined with the breathtaking views, creates a serene and serene ambiance that rejuvenates the mind and soul. The temple's location, nestled amidst nature's beauty, also provides a wonderful opportunity for nature enthusiasts to admire the surrounding landscapes and capture memorable photographs. Whether you are seeking spiritual solace, a glimpse into ancient Hindu traditions, or simply a tranquil escape from the bustling city life, Angyari Mahadev Temple offers a serene sanctuary where you can connect with divinity and find inner peace.

Outdoor Adventure Activities Near Gwaldam Lake:

Trekking and Hiking: The region surrounding Gwaldam Lake offers a plethora of trekking and hiking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Embark on a thrilling journey through the scenic trails that wind their way through dense forests, charming villages, and rolling hills. One popular trek is the Gwaldam-Kharak Trek, which takes you through picturesque landscapes, alpine meadows, and offers stunning views of snow-capped peaks. Another exciting option is the Roopkund Trek, known for its mysterious skeletal remains and breathtaking vistas. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trekker, there are trails suitable for all levels of expertise. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, challenge your limits, and create unforgettable memories as you explore the outdoors near Gwaldam Lake.

Paragliding and Aerial Adventures: For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a bird's-eye view of the stunning landscapes, paragliding is a popular adventure activity near Gwaldam Lake. Experience the thrill of soaring through the skies, feeling the wind on your face, and witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the region from above. There are several paragliding operators in the area that offer tandem flights, allowing even beginners to experience the joy of flying. The nearby town of Pithoragarh, located approximately 100 kilometres from Gwaldam Lake, is known for its paragliding facilities and offers mesmerizing aerial views of the Himalayan ranges. Indulge in this exhilarating activity and capture awe-inspiring moments that will stay with you forever.

Cheap Homestays Near Gwaldam Lake:

The Misty Haven Homestay: Nestled in the serene surroundings of Gwaldam, The Misty Haven Homestay offers a budget-friendly accommodation option for travellers seeking a cozy and authentic experience. The homestay is located in close proximity to Gwaldam Lake, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquillity of the lake and its picturesque surroundings. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and equipped with basic amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. The hospitable hosts provide warm hospitality and offer delicious homemade meals, allowing guests to savour local flavours. Wake up to the mesmerizing views of the mist-clad mountains, take leisurely walks by the lake, and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of this affordable homestay.

The Green Oak Homestay: Situated in Chamoli district, near Gwaldam Lake, The Green Oak Homestay is a charming accommodation option for budget travellers. Surrounded by lush greenery and offering panoramic views of the Himalayas, this homestay provides a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. The rooms are cozy, clean, and adorned with traditional decor, providing a homely atmosphere. The friendly hosts go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable stay, offering local insights and arranging activities such as village walks and nature treks. Guests can indulge in delicious homemade meals prepared with organic ingredients sourced from the nearby farms. The Green Oak Homestay is a delightful choice for those seeking affordable accommodation with a touch of local charm near Gwaldam Lake.

Why to Choose Homestays Near Gwaldam Lake?

Affordable and Authentic Experience: Opting for cheap homestays near Gwaldam Lake provides travellers with an opportunity to enjoy an authentic and immersive experience without breaking the bank. These homestays offer budget-friendly accommodation options that are often owned and operated by local families. By choosing to stay in a homestay, you get a chance to connect with the locals, experience their warm hospitality, and gain insights into their way of life. Moreover, cheap homestays often provide cozy and comfortable rooms equipped with basic amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay. With affordable rates, travellers can allocate their budget to explore other attractions, indulge in local cuisine, or engage in outdoor activities, making their overall trip more economical and fulfilling.

Proximity to Gwaldam Lake: One of the major benefits of staying near Gwaldam Lake is the proximity to this natural gem and the stunning surroundings it offers. Being in close proximity to the lake allows you to fully immerse yourself in its serene ambiance and enjoy its tranquil beauty at any time of the day. You can take leisurely walks along the lake, capture breathtaking photographs of the pristine waters and the surrounding mountains, or simply relax and rejuvenate in the peaceful atmosphere. Staying near Gwaldam Lake also provides easy access to various recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and picnicking. Additionally, the serene surroundings offer an ideal backdrop for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding amidst nature. By staying near Gwaldam Lake, you maximize your time and convenience, ensuring an enriching and memorable experience during your visit to Gwaldam.

Tour Packages for Gwaldam Lake:

Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam offers a wide range of tour package options for tourists, catering to different preferences and interests. Whether you're a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or cultural explorer, there's a tour package to suit your needs. These packages typically include accommodation, transportation, meals, and guided tours to ensure a hassle-free and comprehensive experience. For nature enthusiasts, there are packages that focus on exploring the pristine beauty of Gwaldam Lake and its surrounding landscapes. These may include boat rides on the lake, guided hikes through scenic trails, and visits to nearby attractions like Macchi Tal and Badhangarhi Temple. Adventurous travellers can opt for packages that offer activities like trekking, paragliding, and camping in the nearby hills and valleys. Cultural enthusiasts can choose packages that incorporate visits to ancient temples, interaction with local communities, and experiencing the vibrant traditions and festivals of the region.

Tourists opt for these tour packages for several reasons. Firstly, they provide convenience and peace of mind, as everything from accommodation to transportation is taken care of by experienced tour operators. This allows visitors to focus on enjoying their time and exploring the beauty of Gwaldam Lake without the stress of planning and logistics. Additionally, tour packages often include knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the history, culture, and natural significance of the region, enhancing the overall experience. Moreover, these packages often offer competitive pricing and bundled services, making them cost-effective compared to arranging individual elements separately. Overall, opting for tour packages for Gwaldam Lake provides tourists with a well-organized, immersive, and value-for-money experience, allowing them to make the most of their time and create cherished memories in this enchanting destination.


In conclusion, Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam is a hidden gem nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Uttarakhand. With its pristine waters reflecting the surrounding mountains, the lake offers a serene and tranquil ambiance that is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the lake, take leisurely walks along its shores, or indulge in boating to explore its calm waters. The surrounding region, with its charming villages, lush green forests, and snow-capped peaks, adds to the allure of Gwaldam Lake. Whether you're a nature lover, adventure seeker, or simply seeking solace in the lap of nature, Gwaldam Lake offers an enchanting experience that will leave you mesmerized.

Beyond the lake itself, Gwaldam offers a range of attractions and activities that cater to different interests. From ancient temples like Badhangarhi Temple and Angyari Mahadev Temple to adventurous treks through scenic trails, there is something for everyone. The region's rich cultural heritage, warm hospitality, and local cuisine further enhance the overall experience for visitors. Whether you're exploring the nearby offbeat destinations, indulging in outdoor adventures, or simply basking in the natural beauty, Gwaldam Lake promises a memorable and rewarding journey.

In essence, Gwaldam Lake in Gwaldam is a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity amidst stunning surroundings. Its untouched beauty, coupled with the diverse range of activities and attractions nearby, makes it an ideal destination for a memorable getaway. Whether you're exploring the lake's serene waters, embarking on thrilling adventures, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Gwaldam Lake promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.


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