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SATTAL Tourist Spot in
BHIMTAL, Uttarakhand


Sattal is a beautiful hill station situated at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is a cluster of seven freshwater lakes, surrounded by lush green forests, and is an ideal place for nature lovers and bird watchers. The word Sattal literally means "seven lakes" and is located at a distance of around 23 km from Nainital. The seven lakes - Purna Tal, Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Sukha Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, and Garud Tal, are interconnected and form a beautiful site to behold. The lakes are home to many species of fishes and a variety of migratory birds. The cool and pleasant weather of Sattal makes it an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate.

Sattal is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. The lakes offer a range of activities like kayaking, canoeing, and boating. The lush green forests surrounding the lakes are ideal for trekking, hiking, and camping. One can explore the nearby forests and hills, and enjoy bird watching and nature walks. The area around Sattal is also home to many species of wildlife, including deer, foxes, and jackals. Adventure enthusiasts can also try their hand at rappelling, rock climbing, and river crossing. Sattal is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway, as it offers a perfect blend of adventure and serenity, making it an ideal place for both, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Tourism at Sattal:

Sattal, located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is a popular destination for tourists seeking peace and tranquillity amidst nature's serenity. The seven interconnected freshwater lakes that make up Sattal offer breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities such as birdwatching, nature walks, and boating on the lakes. The area is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including over 500 species of birds. Sattal is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

History of Sattal:

Sattal, which translates to 'seven lakes,' is a cluster of seven freshwater lakes situated in the lower Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. This picturesque location has been attracting tourists for its serene and tranquil environment since the British colonial era. Sattal's history dates back to the time of the British Raj, when it was a popular hill station for the British officers stationed in India. Even today, Sattal retains its colonial charm, with quaint cottages and bungalows dotting the hillsides. The area around Sattal was also significant during the Indian Independence movement, with the famous satyagraha movement led by Mahatma Gandhi taking place in nearby Champawat in 1921. Sattal's history, coupled with its scenic beauty, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Uttarakhand.

Weather and Temperature:

Sattal is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year, making it a perfect getaway for tourists. The summers are warm, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C, making it a good time to indulge in outdoor activities like trekking and bird watching. Monsoons, on the other hand, are accompanied by mild to heavy rainfall and a drop in temperatures, making the lush greenery of the region come alive. Winters in Sattal are cold, with temperatures dropping to as low as 4°C, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. Overall, Sattal can be visited anytime throughout the year, depending on the preferences and activities planned by tourists.

When to Visit Sattal:

Sattal is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit is from March to June and September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant with a temperature ranging between 15°C and 30°C. The monsoon season between July and August is also a great time to visit Sattal as the rain makes the surrounding forests and mountains look lush and beautiful. However, outdoor activities may be limited during this season due to the heavy rainfall. The winter months from December to February are chilly with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 15°C, making it an ideal time for those who love cold weather and want to experience snowfall in the nearby hills. The weather during this period is perfect for trekking and bird watching as many migratory birds can be seen around Sattal during this time.

Top Places to Visit Near Sattal:

Sattal is surrounded by many beautiful and serene places that are a must-visit for anyone traveling to this region. One such place is Naukuchiatal, a lake located just a few kilometres away from Sattal. The lake is surrounded by lush green hills, and the water is so clear that one can easily see the reflections of the surrounding hills in it. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in various activities like paragliding, boating, and fishing.

Another nearby attraction is the Bhimtal Lake, which is just 7 km away from Sattal. The lake is a perfect spot for nature lovers as it is surrounded by dense forests and hills. Boating and fishing are popular activities here, and one can also take a walk along the lake's perimeter to enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

For those interested in history and culture, the Golu Devta Temple is a must-visit. Located just 22 km from Sattal, this ancient temple is dedicated to Golu Devta, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple's walls are adorned with bells, which are offerings made by devotees whose wishes have been granted. The temple has a fascinating history, and locals believe that praying here can help one fulfill their desires.

Offbeat Places Near Sattal:

There are several offbeat places near Sattal that are worth exploring. One such place is the ancient town of Mukteshwar, which is located around 22 km from Sattal. It is known for its picturesque beauty and offers stunning views of the Himalayan peaks. Another place to visit is Naukuchiatal, a beautiful lake surrounded by dense forests and hills. It is known for its peaceful and serene environment, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Additionally, you can also explore the quaint town of Ramgarh, which is located around 16 km from Sattal. It is known for its apple orchards, forests, and stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

For those looking for a bit of adventure, Pangot is an offbeat destination near Sattal that offers some of the best birdwatching opportunities. It is located around 25 km from Sattal and is known for its rich birdlife, including rare species like the Himalayan griffon, the spotted eagle, and the red-billed blue magpie. Another adventure destination is Kainchi Dham, which is a spiritual ashram located around 15 km from Sattal. It is known for its peaceful environment and is a popular destination for meditation and yoga enthusiasts. Visitors can also explore the nearby jungles and go trekking or camping.

Finally, if you are interested in exploring the local culture and history, you can visit the town of Almora, which is located around 50 km from Sattal. It is known for its ancient temples, colonial architecture, and local markets. Visitors can explore the nearby villages, interact with the locals, and learn about the local traditions and customs. The town also offers stunning views of the Himalayan peaks and is a popular destination for nature lovers and photographers.

Outdoor Adventure Activities Near Sattal:

Sattal, located amidst the serene Kumaon hills, offers ample opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Sattal, with various trails leading to stunning viewpoints, waterfalls and villages. The trek to Pindari Glacier, which offers panoramic views of snow-clad mountains, is a must-do for avid trekkers. Another thrilling activity is paragliding, which lets you soar above the treetops and take in the breath-taking views of the valley. The nearby Naukuchiatal Lake also provides opportunities for adventure sports such as kayaking, canoeing and rappelling.

For those seeking a more laid-back adventure, Sattal offers scenic cycling routes through picturesque villages and winding roads. Biking enthusiasts can explore the lush forests and enjoy the tranquil surroundings while pedalling through the winding roads. The serene atmosphere and beautiful landscapes also make it a popular destination for camping, stargazing, and bird watching. The bird sanctuary in Pangot, located just a few kilometres away from Sattal, is a paradise for bird lovers, offering sightings of over 250 species of birds. Whether you're an adventure seeker or just looking for a peaceful retreat, Sattal has something for everyone.

Cheap Homestays Near Sattal:

Sattal is a serene and peaceful place nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. There are many affordable homestays in Sattal available on that offer a comfortable stay with the warmth of a home. One of the popular options is the Himalayan Abode Homestay, which is located in the heart of Sattal and is surrounded by dense forests. The homestay offers comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms and all the necessary amenities. The hosts are warm and welcoming and provide homemade meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Another affordable option is the Camp Sparrow, which offers cozy tents with comfortable bedding and attached bathrooms. The camp is located amidst lush greenery and offers a stunning view of the hills. The camp also arranges for bonfires and other activities to make your stay memorable.

For those who love the idea of staying in a farmhouse, the Hidden Valley Homestay is a great option. The homestay is located in a peaceful valley and offers breath-taking views of the hills. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the hosts provide delicious home-cooked meals. The homestay also has a small farm where you can see a variety of fruits and vegetables being grown. Another great option is the Silent Valley Cottages, which is located in a quiet and serene location. The cottages are well-furnished and offer all the necessary amenities. The hosts are warm and friendly and provide delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients. The homestay also has a garden where you can relax and soak in the beauty of nature. Travellers can effortlessly browse several cheap homestays on and compare the amenities and services being offered by the property owners.

Tour Packages for Sattal:

There are many tour packages available on to explore the beauty of Sattal. These packages cater to a wide range of interests and budgets, and can be customized to suit your preferences. Some popular packages include adventure tours, wildlife safaris, and birdwatching expeditions. You can also opt for a cultural tour, which will take you to nearby villages to experience local traditions and cuisine. If you're looking for a more relaxed vacation, there are packages that offer comfortable stays in homestays or resorts, with activities like hiking, boating, and sightseeing. offers customized travel experiences that cater to your unique preferences and interests, ensuring a personalized trip to suit your desires. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find a tour package that will make your visit to Sattal a memorable one.

In conclusion, Sattal is a perfect getaway for those seeking serenity and adventure amidst nature's abundance. The scenic beauty and pleasant weather of Sattal make it a year-round destination for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and birdwatchers. Whether it's camping by the lake or trekking through the forest, Sattal offers an array of activities that cater to all age groups. With several offbeat places to explore and a rich history to uncover, Sattal provides a glimpse into the cultural heritage of the region. Visitors can also experience the local lifestyle by staying in the numerous homestays and guesthouses that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation. Overall, a trip to Sattal promises to be a rejuvenating and enriching experience for all.

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